Temporary Registration

Recent graduates who have successfully completed a College-approved educational program but have not successfully completed the approved entry-to-practice examination (CAMRT or CBRET) can practice the profession. A temporary practice permit allows these graduates to work in the interim.

The following are steps are required for temporary registration:

  1. Complete a Temporary Practice Application form and pay the application fee.
  2. Complete a criminal record check.
  3. Provide evidence of successful completion of an approved program of study in the specific specialty you are applying to.
  4. Provide evidence of professional liability insurance (PLI) or protection against professional liability in accordance with the requirements set out by the College (the minimum limit of liability per occurrence required is $1,000,000).
  5. Complete the regulation education module. Log-in information will be provided once an application is received by the College.
  6. Provide evidence of employment in Alberta.
  7. Pay the registration fee.
  8. Receive confirmation from the College that you are registered.
  9. Start practicing as an MRT or ENP in Alberta!

If you are a recent graduate who has already passed your entry-to-practice examination, please follow the application process for Alberta graduates.


Members in the temporary register have limitations on their practice. They must be employed, and supervised by a regulated member in the general register who practices in the same specialty when performing restricted activities.

Where an appropriate regulated member is not available to supervise a temporary member, the temporary member may seek approval from the College to receive supervision by a supervisor who

  1. is a regulated healthcare professional, and
  2. is authorized by their regulatory body to perform the restricted activity that is being supervised.

The supervising regulated member is required to be physically present, remain within audible distance, and be immediately available for assistance while the temporary member is performing the restricted activity. Availability by electronic devices is not acceptable.

Regulated members are to restrict themselves to performing only those restricted activities that they are competent to perform and that are appropriate to their areas of practice and the procedures being performed.

If you have any questions about temporary registration, please feel welcome to contact the College by email at registration@acmdtt.com or by phone at 780.487.6130 or 1.800.282.2165.

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