Please note that the College is transitioning from a paper application process to an online process, and paper forms are no longer accepted for streams that have online applications available. Online applications for general registration are currently available for Alberta graduates, Canadian labour mobility applicants and Canadian non-labour mobility applicants, and online applications for the remainder of the application streams will go live over the next few months. Applications for additional and enhanced practice authorizations are now completed online as well.

Applicants should visit the How to Apply page to determine which registration process applies to them and learn about all the requirements for registration before downloading an application form.


Registration Change Application: Leaving Practice

Currency of Practice Hours

Student Membership Application

Internationally Educated Applicants

Application for Registration: Internationally Educated Applicant

Correction Request Form

To request the registrar to correct or remove any inaccurate or incorrect information published on the website or public register, please complete the form below:

Correction Request Form

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