Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists

Message from the Leadership – 2022 Annual Report

The following report is an excerpt from the 2022 Annual Report of the Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists:

The only consistency in healthcare is change.

We first want to acknowledge and appreciate the professionals who deliver diagnostic and therapeutic services to Albertans including radiological technology, electroneurophysiological technology, magnetic resonance technology, radiation therapy, and nuclear medicine technology. What you’ve endured over the last few years has been remarkable, and we commend your ability to educate and adapt to better serve the public.

Change is also the hallmark of the College’s work in recent years, with legislation continuing to drive projects at the highest level.

The Health Statutes Amendment Act, 2020 (No. 2) (aka Bill 46) required significant adjustments to our foundational documents. The Act refined the College’s focus to regulatory work only and prohibited it from carrying out association-oriented functions. For example, an update was made to the College’s Bylaws to prepare for the next phase of Bill 46’s implementation, which required the development of new or amended college regulations, standards of practice, and bylaws.

In 2023, regulatory requirements on Restricted Activities and the framework surrounding the Continuing Competence Program will be moved from the profession’s Regulation into our Standards of Practice. While not introducing new registrant requirements, it will allow the government and the College to make future updates more quickly and easily.

Due to the same Act, the College’s Branches focused on education and networking were dissolved in July as they fell out of the scope of a regulator. We greatly appreciate the work of the volunteers and organizers over the many years the Branches operated. May their work continue to benefit those who participated.

Due to the dissolution of Branches, new regulatory education content was developed to meet the registrant’s needs, focusing on online accessibility and applicability. Four Learning Modules were released on crucial topics: Patient Consent, Social Media and Professionalism, Professional Communication, and Professional Boundaries. The virtual, twice-yearly Regulatory Education Symposiums continued to grow in attendance with much praise for its subject-matter experts and relevant local presenters.

New work began to meet the requirements of the Health Professions (Protecting Women and Girls) Amendment Act, 2022 (Bill 10) regarding female genital mutilation (FGM). FGM, or female circumcision, involves the illegal practice of partial or complete removal of external female genitalia for non-medical reasons. Health regulatory colleges are required to implement new Standards of Practice to remove health professionals from practice who are convicted of facilitating, offering, or performing FGM. There are also requirements regarding education for registrants to better support those who may have undergone FGM.

As for College leadership, Chair Omer Hussein released the mantle in November after four diligent years. We are grateful for his leadership during a transformative term that significantly altered the College’s activities and leadership composition. Chair Steve DeColle, MRT(MR), and Vice Chair Michael Piva, MRT(T), were appointed in November. Steve served as Vice Chair for four years. Michael was nominated to Council in 2018 and was Chair of the Nominations Committee.

Another significant leadership change was the resignation of Registrar and CEO Pree Tyagi in January 2023. Pree was a forward-thinking, right-touch regulator that moved the College towards substantial advancements in strategic direction, operational management, and governance. The College extends our sincere appreciation for her decade of service and our best wishes for her future career and personal aspirations. At the time of this writing, a search process is being led by a subcommittee of the College’s Council, the Registrar and CEO Selection Workgroup.

As you read this report, we hope you acknowledge the substantial work completed in the public interest, and thank, as we do, those involved: Council members, Committee participants, volunteers, staff, and consultants. They have made all this possible.

Steve DeColle, MRT(MR)
Council Chair

Pree Tyagi, MBA
Registrar and CEO

Message from the Leadership – 2022 Annual Report
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