International Applicants

This information is for internationally trained medical radiation technologists (MRT) and electroneurophysiology technologists (ENP) who seek to be registered to work in Alberta and are not registered to practice in another Canadian province or territory.

Medical radiation technologists (MRT) and electroneurophysiology technologists (ENP) are governed by the Health Professions Act of Alberta.  As per this legislation, you are required by law to be registered and hold a valid practice permit with the Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists in order to legally practice within the designated specialty.

It is unlawful to practice as an MRT or ENP in Alberta without registration with the ACMDTT.

Application Information
Internationally trained applicants will need the following information to initiate their registration process:

  1. View a flowchart of the registration process for internationally trained applicants.
  2. ACMDTT Information Package for Internationally Educated MRT or ENP Practitioners– applicants are encouraged to read this information prior to initiating their application as it outlines the assessment process and lists the documentation required to complete their application.
  3. Application for Registration: Assessment for Substantial Equivalence – the process to practice in Alberta begins by sending this completed application to the College.

The following are additional documents required for submission along with your application for assessment (see information package for more detail).  Applicants will need to select the appropriate form according to the specialty or specialties which you intend to apply for assessment and registration to practice.

  1. Choose the Competency Checklist(s) appropriate to your application(s):

2.  Choose the Self Assessment Form(s) appropriate to your application(s):

Please see an example below as to how to complete the self-assessment form

Information about living and working in Canada
The Atlantic Connection for internationally educated health professionals has created online “Self-Assessment Readiness Tools” for internationally trained medical radiation technologists (IEMRT) who wish to live and work in their profession in Canada.  The purpose of these tools is to assist IEMRT in identifying areas of knowledge and practice that should be considered so that they can have:

  • a better understanding of Canadian practice in the profession
  • a better understanding of the competencies required to work in Canada and expectations of employers
  • assistance to identify areas for improvement to practice in Canada
  • a more informed decision to immigrate and apply for certification in Canada
  • assistance to identify available resources

The tools can be accessed through the CAMRT website.

Additional Resources